[Project] CHOBE Center for Holobiome and Built Environment

Project Period:2020.4.1~

Principal Researcher: Fumito Maruyama, PHIS

Overview of the project:  

Research Theme

  1. Development of microbial health indicators using data on all microbial species.
  2. Physicochemical measurements of aerosols and characterization of suspended microorganisms.
  3. Elucidation of the relationship between the physical environment and microbial communities in different dwellings and housing styles.

Research Goals and Objectives

We are surrounded by a wide variety of microorganisms. Some of them are pathogenic microorganisms. Our research aims to create a city that is protected from these pathogenic microorganisms and infectious and allergic diseases derived from these microorganisms.

Outline of Research

Living environment and human health are closely related.

Although research has been conducted on both the living environment and human health, little consideration has been given to how microorganisms act to link the two.

The CHOBE (Center for HOlobiome and Built Environment) brings together a diverse group of researchers in the fields of environmental microbiology, environmental analytical chemistry, and architecture to focus on the relationship between the living environment and microorganisms and to propose measures to create a safe and secure living environment by integrating the latest measurement technology to understand the dynamics of microbes and suspended matter, human behavior patterns, and housing design. We will propose measures to construct safe and secure living environments. 

To this end, we are conducting research to elucidate the relationship between the type, distribution, and propagation of microbial communities, physical factors (housing materials, design, and air conditioning methods), and lifestyle behavior patterns (coexistence with animals and plants, wearing shoes, etc.), and to establish evaluation indicators for assessing the health of the living environment.

Research aims for social implementation

  1. Proposal of lifestyle patterns that protect against pathogenic microorganisms
    Change air conditioning equipment, ventilation rate, cleaning frequency, plants, pets, carpets, shoes, etc.
  2. Living space design that coexists with microorganisms
    Change insulation and airtightness, change the size of openings (change the amount of lighting, ventilation, temperature/humidity, airflow), change building materials and actuation to the surrounding environment
  3. Home probiotics
    Sprays, detergents, and cleaning products using bacterial species that have an exclusionary relationship with pathogenic microorganisms

Possible Markets, Products, and Industries

  • Housing and building materials manufacturers.
  • Air conditioning manufacturers.
  • Companies dealing with home care products.

Ref.:HOIP website  https://hoip.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/research/chobe

Project Members: 

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