[Open Faculty Positions] Tenure-Track Faculty Positions

The IDEC Institute at Hiroshima University (HU) is seeking applications for tenure-track faculty positions at the Assistant/Associate Professor level. We are seeking candidates who demonstrate the ability to take leading roles in developing innovative transdisciplinary research programs on topics related to peace, sustainability, and planetary health. The successful candidates should also effectively participate in education activities at both the undergraduate and graduate levels

Open Faculty Positions

Join Now – JICE Writers’ Workshop

Journal of International Cooperation in Education (JICE) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that engages with unconventional approaches to educational development and knowledge generation. The Editors welcome original research articles based on empirical data, as well as theoretical, conceptual and methodological papers that embrace untapped intellectual resources to problematise the dominant mode…

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A Member of the Planetary Health Alliance (PHA)

We, The IDEC Institute, are excited to have joined the Planetary Health Alliance, a consortium of over 200universities, non-governmental organizations, research institutes, and government entities fromaround the world committed to understanding and addressing global environmental change and itshealth impacts. Being a member of the PHA represents our commitment to collaboration…

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[The IDEC Institute Seminar Series] PHIS Seminar #2

Date: Aug/17th/2022 17:00-18:30 Place: Hiroshima Universtity, Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter Build, 6F Seminor room Online: https://onl.bz/AZ6n4DL Title: Towards a new vision of the relevance of the air we breath for human health Name: ICREA Research. Prof. Xavier Rodó, Ph.D. Affiliation: Climate & Health Program,  Barcelona Institute for…

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[The IDEC Institute seminar series] PHIS seminar #1

Date: 2022/7/12 13:00-14:00 Place: Hiroshima University, Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter Build, 6F Seminar room Online: https://onl.bz/8NNzby5 “Design of healthy buildings as a symbiosis of traditional design morphology with advanced approaches“ Name: Assist. Prof. Mateja DOVJAK, Ph.D. Affiliation: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, Slovenia….

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