Center for the Study of International Cooperation in Education (CICE)


[EN] Established in 1997, the Center for the Study of International Cooperation in Education (CICE) has engaged in global dialogue on policy and research in international cooperation in education. Building on the network we have developed globally and domestically, we act as the hub of researchers and practitioners to critically examine, share knowledge and collaborate with partners for solving various education issues. Our core activities include hosting Africa-Asia University Dialogue for Educational Development (a UNITWIN network), running the Journal of International Cooperation in Education, providing seminars and trainings, in addition to conducting research and policy advisory work in educational development.


Core members (Research fields)

Yoko Ishida(International Cooperation in Education)

Kazuhiko Yoshida(International Cooperation in Education)

Tatsuya Kusakabe(Comparative education, Islamic area studies)

Taiji Hotta(Comparative education, Development of higher education)

Nozomi Sakata(International Cooperation in Education, Comparative education)

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