Center for Peaceful and Sustainable Futures (CEPEAS)


[EN] Global change and increasing geopolitical tensions pose major challenges for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Amidst such challenges, the Center for Peaceful and Sustainable Futures (CEPEAS) aims to be a globally connected center of excellence for research on peace, sustainability, and their nexus. The center’s overall mission is to conduct inter- and trans-disciplinary research, outreach, and education activities that can inform policy making toward the development of more peaceful and sustainable futures. Adopting broad and comprehensive approaches to peace and sustainability and building on the international expertise available on various issues related to peace and sustainability, the center will explore multiple pathways through which peace and sustainability interact.


Core members (Research fields)

Yuichiro Yoshida(Urban transportation and Economics)

Daisaku Goto(Behavioral environmental economics)

Niraj Prakash Joshi(Rural economics)

Sharifi Ayyoob(Climate change adaptation and mitigation policies)

Dahlia Simangan(International peace and security)

Kondo Masayuki ()

KHAN Ghulam Dastgir ()

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