Center for Global Partnership (CGP)



Center for Global Partnership (CGP) is a hub spanning the other three centers (CICE, CEPEAS, and PHIS) of the IDEC Institute. It promotes multi-disciplinary programs to lead the global strategy of Hiroshima University based on the IDEC’s wide network of experts and practitioners. CGP was established in April 2024 by reforming and expanding Phoenix Center for Global Leaders (PCGL) to strengthen its planning and operation capacity, especially on the three missions below to accelerate our university’s globalization.

1. Targeting executives of domestic and foreign companies, central government ministries, and local government, CGP develops an educational curriculum responding urgent issues. CGP conducts a wide range of short-term training (e.g. executive education, recurrent education, summer courses) in English for students and society. (“Executive Training Program”) 2. In addition to centrally managing and operating our university’s diverse global internships (overseas internships for our students and domestic internships for international students), CGP plans and implements new global internships. (“Global Internship Program”) 3. Building and strengthening relationships with international organizations pursuing various missions to respond to global issues, e.g., the United Nations, CGP designs a university-wide system to send faculty members and staff to such international organizations on a medium to long-term basis.