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Alidadi, M; Sharifi, A; Murakami, D

Tokyo's COVID-19: An urban perspective on factors influencing infection rates in a global city Journal Article

In: Sustainable Cities and Society, vol. 97, 2023.

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Irajifar, L; Chen, H; Lak, A; Sharifi, A; Cheshmehzangi, A

The nexus between digitalization and sustainability: A scientometrics analysis Journal Article

In: Heliyon, vol. 9, iss. 5, 2023.

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Khavarian-Garmsir, A R; Sharifi, A; Abadi, M Hajian Hossein; Moradi, Z

From Garden City to 15-Minute City: A Historical Perspective and Critical Assessment Journal Article

In: Land, vol. 12, iss. 2, 2023.

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khah), M Pazhuhan (Panahandeh; Moradpour, N; Hesarakizad, A; Sharifi, A

District-based Baseline Resilience Indicators for Communities (DBRIC) for assessment of a Global South city Journal Article

In: Sustainable Cities and Society, vol. 96, 2023.

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Sharifi, A; Khavarian-Garmsir, A R; Allam, Z; Asadzadeh, A

Progress and prospects in planning: A bibliometric review of literature in Urban Studies and Regional and Urban Planning, 1956–2022 Journal Article

In: Progress in Planning, vol. 173, 2023.

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Sobhaninia, S; Amirzadeh, M; Lauria, M; Sharifi, A

The relationship between place identity and community resilience: Evidence from local communities in Isfahan, Iran Journal Article

In: International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, vol. 90, 2023.

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Aboagye, P D; Sharifi, A

Post-fifth assessment report urban climate planning: Lessons from 278 urban climate action plans released from 2015 to 2022 Journal Article

In: Urban Climate, vol. 49, 2023.

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Haque, M N; Mahi, M M; Sharif, M S; Rudra, R R; Sharifi, A

Changes in the economic value of ecosystem services in rapidly growing urban areas: the case of Dhaka, Bangladesh Journal Article

In: Environmental Science and Pollution Research, vol. 30, iss. 18, pp. 52321-52339, 2023.

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Aghaloo, K; Ali, T; Chiu, Y. -R.; Sharifi, A

Optimal site selection for the solar-wind hybrid renewable energy systems in Bangladesh using an integrated GIS-based BWM-fuzzy logic method Journal Article

In: Energy Conversion and Management, vol. 283, 2023.

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Filho, W L; Abubakar, I R; Mifsud, M C; Eustachio, J. H. P. P.; Albrecht, C F; Dinis, M A P; Borsari, B; Sharifi, A; Levesque, V R; Ribeiro, P C C; LeVasseur, T J; Pace, P; Trevisan, L V; Dibbern, T A

Governance in the implementation of the UN sustainable development goals in higher education: global trends Journal Article

In: Environment, Development and Sustainability, 2023.

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Filho, W Leal; Ng, A W; Sharifi, A; Janová, J; Özuyar, P G; Hemani, C; Heyes, G; Njau, D; Rampasso, I

Global tourism, climate change and energy sustainability: assessing carbon reduction mitigating measures from the aviation industry Journal Article

In: Sustainability Science, vol. 18, iss. 2, pp. 983-996, 2023.

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Alizadeh, H; Sharifi, A

Toward a societal smart city: Clarifying the social justice dimension of smart cities Journal Article

In: Sustainable Cities and Society, vol. 95, 2023.

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He, B. -J.; Wang, W; Sharifi, A; Liu, X

Progress, knowledge gap and future directions of urban heat mitigation and adaptation research through a bibliometric review of history and evolution Journal Article

In: Energy and Buildings, vol. 287, 2023.

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Saraei, M H; Sharifi, A; Adeli, M

Optimization of spatial distribution of hospitals for better earthquake recovery using GIS and imperialist competition algorithm (case study: Gorgan, Iran) Journal Article

In: International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment, vol. 14, iss. 3, pp. 285-300, 2023.

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Sharifi, A; Simangan, D; Kaneko, S

Integrated Approaches to Peace and Sustainability Book Chapter

In: pp. 1-10, 2023.

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Filho, W L; Vidal, D G; Dinis, M A P; Lambrechts, W; Vasconcelos, C R P; Molthan‑Hill, P; Abubakar, I R; Dunk, R M; Salvia, A L; Sharifi, A

Correction : Low carbon futures: assessing the status of decarbonisation efforts at universities within a 2050 perspective (Energy, Sustainability and Society, (2023), 13, 1, (5), 10.1186/s13705-023-00384-6) Journal Article

In: Energy, Sustainability and Society, vol. 13, iss. 1, 2023.

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Bibri, S E; Alexandre, A; Sharifi, A; Krogstie, J

Environmentally sustainable smart cities and their converging AI, IoT, and big data technologies and solutions: an integrated approach to an extensive literature review Journal Article

In: Energy Informatics, vol. 6, iss. 1, 2023.

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Arvin, M; Beiki, P; Hejazi, S J; Sharifi, A; Atashafrooz, N

Assessment of infrastructure resilience in multi-hazard regions: A case study of Khuzestan Province Journal Article

In: International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, vol. 88, 2023.

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Filho, W Leal; Nagy, G J; Setti, A F F; Sharifi, A; Donkor, F K; Batista, K; Djekic, I

Handling the impacts of climate change on soil biodiversity Journal Article

In: Science of the Total Environment, vol. 869, 2023.

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Filho, W L; Minhas, A; Schmook, B; Mardero, S; Sharifi, A; Paz, S; Kovaleva, M; Albertini, M C; Skouloudis, A

Sustainable development goal 13 and switching priorities: addressing climate change in the context of pandemic recovery efforts Journal Article

In: Environmental Sciences Europe, vol. 35, iss. 1, 2023.

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Sharifi, A; Alizadeh, H

Societal smart city: Definition and principles for post-pandemic urban policy and practice Journal Article

In: Cities, vol. 134, 2023.

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Khavarian-Garmsir, A R; Sharifi, A; Sadeghi, A

The 15-minute city: Urban planning and design efforts toward creating sustainable neighborhoods Journal Article

In: Cities, vol. 132, 2023.

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Adibhesami, M A; Karimi, H; Sharifi, A; Sepehri, B; Bazazzadeh, H; Berardi, U

Optimization of Urban-Scale Sustainable Energy Strategies to Improve Citizens’ Health Journal Article

In: Energies, vol. 16, iss. 1, 2023.

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Filho, W Leal; Krishnapillai, M; Minhas, A; Ali, S; Alverio, G Nagle; Ahmed, M S Hendy; Naidu, R; Prasad, R R; Bhullar, N; Sharifi, A; Nagy, G J; Kovaleva, M

Climate change, extreme events and mental health in the Pacific region Journal Article

In: International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management, vol. 15, iss. 1, pp. 20-40, 2023.

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Chowdhury, T; Chowdhury, H; Islam, K S; Sharifi, A; Corkish, R; Sait, S M

Resilience analysis of a PV/battery system of health care centres in Rohingya refugee camp Journal Article

In: Energy, vol. 263, 2023.

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Arvin, M; Bazrafkan, S; Beiki, P; Sharifi, A

A county-level analysis of association between social vulnerability and COVID-19 cases in Khuzestan Province, Iran Journal Article

In: International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, vol. 84, 2023.

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Hejazi, S J; Arvin, M; Sharifi, A; Lak, A

Measuring the effects of Compactness/Sprawl on COVID 19 spread patterns at the neighborhood level Journal Article

In: Cities, vol. 132, 2023.

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Sarwary, M; Samiappan, S; Khan, G D; Moahid, M

Climate Change and Cereal Crops Productivity in Afghanistan: Evidence Based on Panel Regression Model Journal Article

In: Sustainability (Switzerland), vol. 15, iss. 14, 2023.

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Huang, Q; Khan, G D; Yoshida, Y

Assessing Health and Dietary Issues of Households Displaced Due to the Aynak Copper Mine Project, Afghanistan Journal Article

In: Extractive Industries and Society, vol. 15, 2023.

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Temocin, P; Khan, G D; Kawano, N; Yoshida, Y

Community-based solid waste management: Case Studies in Kerala and Mumbai Journal Article

In: Indian Journal of Environmental Protection, vol. 43, iss. 2, pp. 134-141, 2023.

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Moahid, M; Khan, G D; Bari, M D A; Yoshida, Y

Does access to agricultural credit help disaster-affected farming households to invest more on agricultural input? Journal Article

In: Agricultural Finance Review, vol. 83, iss. 1, pp. 96-106, 2023.

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Simangan, D

Agencies, temporalities, and spatialities in Hiroshima’s post-war reconstruction: a case of reflexive peacebuilding in the Anthropocene? Journal Article

In: War and Society, 2023.

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Bose, S; Mancino, M; Simangan, D

Ecosystem services and sustainable peace in Afghanistan: Gaps in national policy and its security implications Journal Article

In: Global Policy, 2023.

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Simangan, D

Beyond Indices of Peace and Sustainability: Everyday Perspectives from Nepal Journal Article

In: Peace Review, vol. 35, iss. 3, pp. 536-549, 2023.

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Simangan, D

Responsibility and agency in securitizing climate change in the Anthropocene Journal Article

In: New Perspectives, vol. 31, iss. 1, pp. 11-17, 2023.

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Jones, C D; Ziehn, T; Anand, J; Bastos, A; Burke, E; Canadell, J G; Cardoso, M; Ernst, Y; Jain, A K; Jeong, S; Keller, E D; Kondo, M; Lauerwald, R; Lin, T. -S.; Murray-Tortarolo, G; Nabuurs, G. -J.; O’Sullivan, M; Poulter, B; Qin, X; Randow, C; Sanches, M; Schepaschenko, D; Shvidenko, A; Smallman, T L; Tian, H; Villalobos, Y; Wang, X; Yun, J

RECCAP2 Future Component: Consistency and Potential for Regional Assessment to Constrain Global Projections Journal Article

In: AGU Advances, vol. 4, iss. 6, 2023.

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Kondo, M; Sasakawa, M; Machida, T; Arshinov, M; Hiyama, T

Autumn cooling paused increased CO2 release in central Eurasia Journal Article

In: Nature Climate Change, vol. 13, iss. 4, pp. 334-337, 2023.

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Yamane, T; Kaneko, S

Exploring the impact of awareness on public acceptance of emerging energy technologies: An analysis of the oil palm industry Journal Article

In: Journal of Cleaner Production, vol. 414, 2023.

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Alam, G M M; Khatun, M N; Sarker, M N I; Joshi, N P; Bhandari, H

Promoting agri-food systems resilience through ICT in developing countries amid COVID-19 Journal Article

In: Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, vol. 6, 2023.

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Huq, M T; Ichihashi, M

Prospective Accelerating Sectors to Attain Sustainable Development in Bangladesh Economy: Findings from a Sectoral Approach Using Input-Output Analysis Journal Article

In: Sustainability (Switzerland), vol. 15, iss. 3, 2023.

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Liu, Y; Lee, C Y; Kaneko, S; Joshi, N P

Intergenerational education effect of child marriage in marginal settlements of Nepal Journal Article

In: Third World Quarterly, 2023.

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Setiawan, R P; Ghimire, G; Kaneko, S

The effect of information on preferences for improved household water supply in Indonesia and Nepal Journal Article

In: International Journal of Water Resources Development, vol. 39, iss. 2, pp. 255-272, 2023.

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Manouchehri, Bahar; Burns, Edgar A; Sharifi, Ayyoob; Davoudi, Sina

Inclusion in the Non-inclusive Community: Exploring Children's Exclusion from the Urban Planning Process in Iran Book Section

In: Berman, Rachel; Albanese, Patrizia; Chen, Xiaobei (Ed.): Sociological Research and Urban Children and Youth, vol. 32, pp. 67–84, Emerald Publishing Limited, 2023.

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Sharifi, Ayyoob; Simangan, Dahlia; Kaneko, Shinji

Preface Journal Article

In: World Sustainability Series, pp. v – vi, 2023.

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Paudel, J.; Sharifi, A.; Khan, G. D.

What are the drivers of sustainable energy transition? Insights from an empirical analysis of household preferences for electric induction cooking in Nepal Journal Article

In: Journal of Cleaner Production, vol. 417, 2023.

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Khuram, M A; Ishida, Y; khan, G D; Hotak, N; Moahid, M; Yoshida, Y

Measures to motivate teachers in Afghanistan: a proposal Journal Article

In: Asia Pacific Education Review, 2022.

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Khan, D; Fujiwara, A; Shiftan, Y; Chikaraishi, M; Tenenboim, E; Nguyen, T A H

Risk Perceptions and Public Acceptance of Autonomous Vehicles: A Comparative Study in Japan and Israel Journal Article

In: Sustainability (Switzerland), vol. 14, iss. 17, 2022.

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Quan, Nguyen V; Anh, La H; Lam, Vu Q; Takami, Akiyoshi; Teschke, Rolf; Khanh, Tran D; Xuan, Tran D

Anti-Diabetes, Anti-Gout, and Anti-Leukemia Properties of Essential Oils from Natural Spices Clausena indica, Zanthoxylum rhetsa, and Michelia tonkinensis Journal Article

In: Molecules, vol. 27, iss. 3, 2022, ISBN: 1420-3049.

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Fujiwara, Akimasa; Chikaraishi, Makoto; Khan, Diana; Ogawa, Atsufumi; Suda, Yoshihiro; Yamasaki, Toshikazu; Nishino, Takaharu; Namba, Shutaro

Autonomous Bus Pilot Project Testing and Demonstration using Light Rail Transit Track Journal Article

In: International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research, vol. 20, iss. 2, pp. 359-378, 2022, ISSN: 1868-8659.

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Bari, M D Abdul; Khan, Ghulam Dastgir; He, Bing; Yoshida, Yuichiro

The impact of unconditional cash and food assistance on contraceptive expenditure of rural households in Coastal Bangladesh: Evidence from fuzzy RDD Journal Article

In: PLOS ONE, vol. 17, iss. 1, pp. e0262031-, 2022.

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