[75/G7] The University Panel Symposium on Planetary Health for the G7 Hiroshima Summit was held.

In response to the G7 Hiroshima Summit (May 19-21 2023), Hiroshima University, together with five leading planetary health universities in Japan, hosted the University Panel Symposium on Planetary Health. At the symposium, following the “The São Paulo Declaration on Planetary Health” (October 2021) which calls for researchers and educators to engage in transdisciplinary approaches, we shared existing educational systems and practical research in Planetary Health and discussed the role of universities in society. From 53 organizations in 15 countries participants joined this symposium. We felt the growing momentum of planetary health and reconfirm that establishing the transdisciplinary education and research network is urged. Finally, we summarize these discussions as “Hiroshima Planetary Health Declaration 2023: The Pursuit of Peace under the Great Transition: Education and Research for Planetary Health Science with Society “. Then, this declaration was issued. This declaration was printed on paper recycled from origami cranes (Orizuru) delivered to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and signed by the moderator and panelists of the panel discussion as representatives.

Program Book and the Hiroshima Planetary Health Declaration 2023 are available to download at the following link:



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