[The IDEC Institute Seminar Series #8] PHIS Seminar #4

Date: Dec 20, 2022 17:00-18:00

Place: Hiroshima University, Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter Build, 6F Seminar room

Online: https://x.gd/IT3mz

One Health strategy to address global health concerns:

Chronic Kidney Disease with unknown etiology


Chandika Damesh Gamage Ph.D.


Department of Microbiology,

Faculty of Medicine,

University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

URL: https://med.pdn.ac.lk/departments/microbiology/staff/chandikagamage.html


Over 5 million individuals globally die from kidney disorders each year. Because kidney illnesses are pathologically varied and often asymptomatic, they are extremely challenging to treat, and as a result, the burden of renal disease around the world is still overlooked.

A new form of kidney disease, Chronic Kidney Disease with unknown etiology (CKDu), is becoming increasingly prevalent around the world, reaching epidemic levels. This disease, which has a male predominance and damages countries’ labor forces, the stability of family income, and the creation of social obligations focused on the family, predominantly affects tropical and subtropical nations with hot weather all year round. The accomplishment of the Sustainable Development Goals and the preservation of healthy Planetary Health are both significantly hampered by CKDu. A focus on environmental causation is supported by ongoing research activities, but none has been confirmed to date.

In this presentation, I’ll cover facts about Sri Lanka and CKDu and talk about how to reduce the burden of CKDu in conjunction with the One Health strategy to attain sustainable Planetary Health.

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