[IDEC seminar No. 19, International Peace & Coexistence Seminar No.12] Global Norms in Motion

Speaker: Dr Eliseo F. Huesca, Jr (Davao del Norte State College, Philippines)

Title: Global Norms in Motion: UNSCRs 1325 & 2250 in Mindanaoʼs Conflict Zones

Date: 24 May 2023, 14:30-16:00 JST

Place: Hiroshima University, The IDEC Institute, 1F Large Conference Room (in-person only)
Online: bit.ly/ipcseminar19

Researches on global politics and international development offer insightful analyses on how transnational norms shape and reconfigure domestic institutions, policies, practices, and collective belief systems. Within this body of literature, however, the situated dynamics of the global-local encounter in norm-receiving communities are considerably overlooked. By building on the ‘local turn’ of norm translation studies, this talk interrogates how globally-circulating norms have reconstructed, or otherwise, the normative orders in transitioning Muslim Mindanao. Utilizing the case of UN Resolutions 1325 (Women, Peace, and Security) and 2250 (Youth, Peace, and Security), this talk illuminates the transformative influences of UN’s normative logics in peace-security-development nexus in fragile and transitional environments; the differentiated responses on the global-local interfaces; and political agencies of local stakeholders.

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