[IDEC seminar No.22, PHIS seminar No.12] Diversity and taxonomy of marine bacteria

Speaker: ブラジルからの研究者 Dr. Livia Vidal (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

Title: Diversity and taxonomy of marine bacteria

Date: 18 May 2023, 11:00 JST

Place: Hiroshima University, Graduate School of
Advanced Sciences of Matter Build, 6F Seminar room
Online: https://onl.bz/S97ETFT

Marine systems have great biodiversity. The study of microbial diversity plays a
key role in the scientific and technological development of a country. Taxonomy is
a pragmatic science, with the aim of establishing stable, predictable, objective and
highly informative classification systems which encompasses ecology through
ecogenomics. The identification of an organism is a fundamental step to know its
biology. Classification systems must integrate information from the genomic to the
ecological level. In this study, we demonstrated the state of the art and establish
the foundations of the genomic taxonomy of prokaryotes. Genomics represents a
divider in microbial taxonomy, in which genomic analyzes contribute to
establishing a natural classification that reflects genetic, evolutionary and
ecological aspects. We also evaluated the use of the MALDI-TOF MS methodology
as a rapid screening tool for marine bacteria. In addition, we demonstrated the
relevance of genome analysis in the design of new species Halomonas coralii sp.
nov. And finally, the establishment of the genomic taxonomy of Prochlorococcus,
one of the most abundant organisms in the oceans.

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