[Project] Urban Sites of Peace and Conflict in Marawi City, Philippines: Just Another Brick in the Wall?

Principal Researcher: Dahlia SIMANGAN, CEPEAS

Project Period:April 2021 – March 2023

Overview of the project: 

The nature of conflict is changing as well as the spaces and places where they take place. As more and more populations move to the cities, conflicts have also taken an urban face. Much of post-conflict rebuilding and peacebuilding tools that have been developed so far, however, are not necessarily effective when applied to urban contexts. Urban conflict, therefore, requires urban peacebuilding. This research project uses the case of Marawi City in Mindanao, Philippines to examine the challenges of urban peacebuilding and contribute to more effective and contextualized approaches to promoting peace in conflict-affected cities.

This project is supported by KAKENHI Grants-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists (21K13157).

Figure 1. Urban Peacebuilding Geoportal (Marawi City)

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