[Project] MetaSUB  Metagenomics & Metadesign of Subways & Urban Biomes

Project Period:2022.4.1~

Principal Researcher: Fumito MaruyamaPHIS

Overview of the project: 

Key aims of MetaSUB

  1. To create geospatial metagenomic and forensic genetic maps.
  2. Identify and track antimicrobial resistance markers (AMRs) in the urban built environment.
  3. Identify novel biosynthetic gene clusters (BCGs) for drug discovery.

The MetaSUB Research Consortium involves scientists and researchers with varied areas of expertise worldwide to undertake challenges and seek the unknown. The projects below address a wide variety of scientific questions and exploration of different fields. Some of these projects are ongoing, while some take place on an annual basis.


The MetaSUB International Consortium launched on June 21st 2016, the first annual Global City Sampling Day (gCSD). This day, scientists, researchers, and trained citizen scientists collected samples from mass-transit systems around the globe. The purpose of gCSD is to have a standardized and coordinated collection of samples across all the world. Since 2016, samples have been taken annually on June 21st.


The MetaAIR project (Metagenomics of the Air) is an ongoing project with aim to conduct metagenomic analysis on aerosol samples globally. Currently, MetAIR works in conjunction with Global City Sampling Day to collect air samples on an annual basis in cities around the world. 

Project Members: 

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